Happy Childhood

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It all started with physical punishment for my daughter who is studying in Nursery, East Wood High School, Ulsoor, Bengaluru. Each morning started with her crying & requesting me not to send her school. At first I ignored her as I thought maybe she needs time to adjust in her new school. But later when I ask her the reason of her daily crying, she told me that her class teacher used to beat her regularly. So I requested her class teacher not to beat her. But after giving her three more chances to stop beating, she continues to beat my child as well the other children. Then I decided to complain to Principal & her initial statement was " No we don't beat any kids here as beating is ban in school" but her last sentence was " A teacher doesn't have any other way to instill discipline other than beating" !
Current Scenario -
Instead of beating , they came up with new way of punishment
Pulling down the pant's of kids forcefully & making the rest of the class taunting "shame shame puppy shame"
And the next part is threatening them that they will be taken to one dark room where one dog is kept & it will attack their private parts.

No support from other parents as they choose to keep quite & continue seeing their innocence child suffer mentally.

My option is to change School for my daughter but that will not going to end the misery for the rest kid's.

I choose to raise my voice in the hope that it will be heard & reach to concern media.
I want to see the entire school authorities behind bar's.

Please Help !