Stand by Geo Varghese and support teachers who build the nation

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Of all the jobs around the world, being a teacher is the hardest. And in case of my brother geo this is proved. A child is nurtured and developed by a teacher. If a student goes on a wrong way a good teacher is the one who stops and show the right way but the generation today is changed. They feel they r torured and forced which makes them take steps like suicide. The entire fraternity of schools and teachers to be blamed for this but till how long ? Parents r equally responsible for such actions taken by their kids. They need to make them understand the importance of life ,make them a strong individual who r ready to face the world with no fear rather than blaming and accusing the teachers everytime.My brother geo as a physical instructor was performing his duty by keeping a check on students. Schools mould children and teach them discipline and  manners to become a better person in future. Something st.xaviers school has been doing since so many years. It's my request to all the ppl to support my brother who did his duty as a teacher and also who r involved in this Noble profession of teaching because v r not making a person alone but building a nation.