Get rid of electronic standardized tests!

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Since the PARCC has gone from being paper-based to almost exclusively electronically delivered, teaching and learning has suffered in schools where there is not an 1-1 ratio of computers to students.

For over three weeks in April and May, most teachers only see portions of their students as students are scheduled to take the PARCC exam. Due to the lack of computers in schools, this means that an entire grade cannot take the exam together, and they are grouped into different testing days. This disrupts teaching and learning, as teachers do not know ahead of time which students will miss their lessons, and makes it extremely difficult for students to stay on track in their classes if they are pulled for testing. And since teachers are asked to proctor during some of the tests, that leaves students with substitute teachers (and usually just busy work). This is especially disruptive for teachers who have students preparing for an AP exam.  Additionally, any glitches with the internet connectivity or the computer itself during testing can lead to a day wasted. Furthermore, during the testing window, teachers cannot create any lessons that would require students to use a computer, as all of the computer carts are used for the PARCC test. 

If we could return to paper-based PARCC assessments, then we could test all students from all grades in the same three day testing window. This would be more efficient and allow for teachers to deliver more substantive lessons in the months of April and May.

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