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Teachers, faculty, professors, and adminstrators: Pledge NOT to carry a weapon--resist the arming of teachers/administrators.

Some politicians in Tennessee, Virginia, Oklahoma and other states are calling for arming teachers and administrators in our schools. We want our students to be safe but think this approach is a misguided response to the Sandy Hook tragedy. There is evidence that the presence of metal detectors and armed police do little to assure the safety of our students, but make students more anxious and fearful. Arming teachers and administrators will only add to this anxiety. We support the reasonable gun control legislation along the lines of what is being proposed by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif).

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  • Teachers, faculty, professors, and adminstrators
  • Governor of Virginia
    Governor Bob McDonald
  • Governor
    Mary Fallin
  • Governor of Tennnessee
    Governor Bill Haslam (Governor of Tennnessee)

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