Relieving teachers from door to door survey

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Yes, the situation is not good out there.

Yes, people are getting infected in thousands daily and dying in hundreds here in Delhi.

Yes, that we all are concerned about it and trying our best to break the chain of the disease.

Need of the hour is to do more and more testing by sending out medical teams in vans around localities where symptomatic people may be encouraged to come out to get themselves tested for COVID 19.

Government has adopted a different strategy of door to door survey where a team of three( asha and Anganwadi workers led by a teacher) is being sent in the areas where they are facing several challenges:-

*Most families live as tenants over different floors of a building, some of them are out and some of them refuse to come down and some simply ignore the requests

*ill treatment by the residents, some even abuse and this is utter disregard to the educated community of teachers

*Nature of the work is exhaustive with daily surveys including Sundays, teams are tired. 

*With high exposure to the crowded places even teams at high risk of the virus, so there should be rotation system every week

*Academic work is suffering as this work demands a lot of attention

* Not all family members come out for testing. Team is sent back from the doorstep by saying that everyone is OK. What are the teams supposed to do. Do they need to raid inside? So a better scenario would have been vans being sent around

Still if the survey needs to be carried out, it should be made sure that teams are not exploited unnecessarily and rotation system is put in place so as to balance the burden of the work.


- All the teachers deployed in door to door survey