Student Body against face to face final exams in Teachers' Colleges 2021

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Since the advent of COVID-19, classes and assessments have had to transition to the online platform for this semester, and were accommodated by students and lecturers alike. The decision for final examinations is to have examinations in a face to face setting, which is highly impractical.

Students are concerned about being in a space with other persons from all over Jamaica, who may or may not have had exposure to the virus. Persons have underlying conditions thay they would not like to have exacerbated by the virus. Additionally, there is the expense of having to travel in order to do examinations. In terms of assessment, students are uncomfortable about the method of assessment, as face to face exams are not in congruence with online teaching, to which lecturers and students alike are new, and are still adjusting.

We are signing this petition to let the TCJ know that the students of teachers' colleges are taking a stand against this form of assessment. Instead of assessing students face to face for content that was taught almost entirely virtually, there are other methods which can be explored and which are safer, such as an alternate assessment with randomized questions. Sign this petition to show your support for this cause