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Teachers and Parents: Stand together in Support of Excellent Public Education in Colorado

This year, 850,000 students are attending school in Colorado. More than 234,000 will not hear their names called at graduation.

Too many children are slipping through the cracks in an uneven and outdated education system. But just like an excellent teacher can help a student jump three grade levels in reading in just one year, we can work together to dramatically improve our public schools.

Sign the petition today to add your voice to the growing group of educators and parents working with Stand for Children Colorado to give every child in our state an excellent public education.

All children, regardless of their background, should be able to graduate from high school prepared for, and with access to, a college education.

To help make this a reality, I support the following goals:

—We must elevate careers in education by providing meaningful training, professional development, and evaluations that can help teachers and principals improve their practice.

— We must set a high bar for our public schools so that students can thrive – not just survive – as adults.

— We must increase and sustain funding for effective programs that lay the groundwork for all Colorado children to succeed.

— We must open access to a variety of public school models – whether they are traditional, charter, or innovation – to support different learning models for different students.

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