Recognize and Pay British Columbia Teachers Appropriately for Academic Degrees

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I’m writing for your support in challenging the BC Teacher Qualification Service and their recent refusal to recognize my Graduate Degree for the purpose of pay scale categorization (Master of Arts, Theology - University of Western Ontario, 2009). The primary function of the TQS is to assist teachers and their employing school boards in establishing the qualifications of teachers for salary purposes.

TQS policy 1.1 (updated last in 2001) states:

"Courses completed at a recognized university with content which is directly related to a subject taught or educational practice in BC public schools will be accepted for categorization purposes while courses which are not directly related will be limited to twelve credits (i.e. religious studies, divinity, theology, professional programs other than in education)."

The issue here is simple: the scope of Religion courses and content offered in the New BC curriculum is vast (Comparative World Religions, Comparative Cultures, Philosophy, Political Studies, English Literature, and all Social Studies) and the TQS needs to recognize Religious Studies and Theology degrees as directly related to subjects taught in BC public schools. 

This debate is not about publicly funded religious schooling or instruction in a specific faith. It’s about endorsing a consistent principle that values all education and learning endeavors. It’s about having equitable administrative policies that ensure appropriate teacher compensation for academic qualifications directly related to current BC curriculum.

This petition is asking for your support in changing TQS Policy 1.1 to include all relevant academic degrees, especially those directly related to courses taught in BC Public Schools, specifically Religious Studies/Theology.

I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read this and giving your support. If you agree that this policy should be changed, please sign the petition and share with colleagues, parents, or friends who value teacher education/training related to current BC curriculum.


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