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Teach Politics In Schools

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One of the biggest challenges facing the electorate is the lack of knowledge about how politics works both at home and abroad. Brexit showed us that many of the electorate were unaware of what really goes on in the EU, and with the emergence of 'fake news' on social media sites and press bias in the mainstream media, we need more then ever to be informed. 

I was lucky - I grew up in a house where my father worked for the news, saw unimaginable horrors around the world, and came home to teach me about what had happened and why. He taught me to ask questions, to listen to both sides of the political argument, and to make my own mind up. To be wary of unreliable sources and to make sure I had the facts to back up my statements. To understand that every aspect of my life was shaped by politics. But this is not the norm. Many people I speak to have no idea who is running their country, spout questionable sensationalist newspaper headlines as facts, and are apathetic about voting. 'Debate' is now slinging insults on Facebook and Twitter. 

Young people are beginning to see the impact politics has on their lives, thanks in a large part to having their futures decided by their elders, and not for the better. They have less rights, more debt, and less hope that my generation, and those that came before me. But imagine if we were informed and engaged. There are so many things wrong in the world right now, but in my opinion, the most dangerous things we have to fight are ignorance and apathy. 

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