Teach Emotional Intelligence to Stop School Shootings.

Teach Emotional Intelligence to Stop School Shootings.

July 3, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Herf Yamaya

Teach Emotional Intelligence to Stop School Shootings.

Only teaching children the skills necessary for individual emotional fortitude will prevent the next mass school shooting.

Sign this petition to support installing an Emotional Intelligence course requirement, much like there is a Physical Education course requirement, into our children's school curriculum.

See our reasoning below:

On June 25th, 2022, the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act was signed into law resulting in a number of reactions:

  • Democracy advocates celebrated bipartisan action in congress.
  • 2nd Amendment advocates called out government overreach.
  • Gun control advocates touted incremental reform.
  • All while the mainstream media turns to another page in the news cycle.

But NO ONE believes that this bill will stop the next Mass School Shooting.

There have been 14 Mass School Shootings since Columbine, an average of one every 20 months. Statistically, that gives us 19 months to prevent the next school shooting from the date this petition was started.

What are we going to do?

Democrats fixate on removing guns:

  1. This is in conflict with a constitutional right and we all know the politics.
  2. With the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act just signed into law, it will likely be a long time before any greater gun restricting legislation is passed.

Pursuing this solution WILL NOT stop the next mass school shooting.

Republicans talk about hardening targets:

  1. There are nowhere near enough resources to secure every school, and even checks with metal detectors at every door only protect inside the building.
  2. Preventing shootings through a security force does not address the problem, because the child still suffers to the point of violent action whether that action is taken or not.

To their credit, Republicans identify Mental Health as a potential lever to pull, but the Mental Health measures in the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act fall woefully short of giving our children the skills and strength needed to handle whatever it is that increasingly causes them to resort to gun violence as a means of expression.

Background checks and red flags won’t prevent children from finding their parents' guns. Increasing school counselors depends on the potential shooter seeking out council, and the last thing any disturbed high schooler wants is to be identified as such.

Our children must learn Emotional Intelligence so that negative emotions do not build up and fester; leading to explosive, reactionary, and violent behaviors.

Just think: how many of you would have been better off taking Emotional Intelligence instead of Chemistry or Calculus? How many decisions in life would have been better navigated if you had learned Emotional Intelligence as a high school student instead of having to teach yourself through the harsh course of life experience? How many tens of millions of Americans know how to play dodgeball but can’t help from being triggered by a tweet?

The positive effects will be immediate, and over time, increasingly beneficial for society. 

Right now there are a number of children in middle school who may one day murder countless classmates if we don't teach them the skills necessary to handle the stresses of this complex world and their emotional relationship to it.

The Bipartisan Safer Communities Act is not enough.

We must act and WE MUST ACT NOW.

Please sign this petition to support teaching Emotional Intelligence to stop school shootings.

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Signatures: 491Next Goal: 500
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