Teach AAPI History in K-12 Schools in New York State

Teach AAPI History in K-12 Schools in New York State

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Why this petition matters

Started by Ankita Jha

A pattern of scapegoating and racism has plagued American Society for many years. From Asians Americans being hate crimed after 9/11 to the "Kung Flu" jeers causing Asian Americans to get physically and verbally assaulted, this problem is widespread throughout the country and the pandemic is only making it worse. Being an Asian American, I have experienced this hate myself. These incidents of AAPI hate occur due to people being misinformed; people fail to realize that we are so much more than the “model minority” and the “dumb immigrant” box we are choked into, people fail to realize Asian Americans have advanced America not ruined it. Many students, like myself, feel that schools have often lacked teaching our cultural history, and when it is taught it is often through a Euro-centric lens. By adding Asian American history to our education system, Asian American students will be proud of their heritage; they will have a chance to learn and understand their history in this country and not just stories of Asians outside the United States. Additionally, Asian American history will help create a foundation for students of all backgrounds to better understand Asian American communities and help call out racial/systematic injustices they see. There are countless Asian American icons, however many people do not know about them simply because we were never taught about them in school. 

Teenagers, like myself, are facing heightehened versions of this racism due to the pandemic. Now more than ever, it is extremely necessary that this legislation be passed.

This petition is trying to spread the message that legislation should be passed in New York to teach Asian American history in schools. (this also includes pacific islander American history and South Asian American history)

By signing this petition you will take a huge step in reducing hate crimes against Asian Americans and helping New York students to become more well-rounded. 

Asian American History is American History.

Thank You.



(From Ankita Jha and Katie Hu)


140 have signed. Let’s get to 200!