Petition update

Emailed CEO of Tea Collection on 2/12/13

Holly Ramsawh
Washington, DC

Feb 13, 2013 — Hi everyone,

I emailed the CEO of Tea Collection to make them aware of our petition. Although's space constraints don't allow me to post the entire email, here's an excerpt:

"In an effort to urge Tea to take more proactive steps I've started an
online petition. To date, 64 people have signed the petition. I would hope that this and other feedback urges you to implement specific strategies to
ensure that future catalogs are more representative of all segments of
your customer base, using whatever methods are the industry standard
in this regard (e.g., specifically asking for diverse child models in
future casting call announcements).

As a women-owned and operated business, I wish you continued success
in the future, and I hope you consider this feedback as your company

Please consider leaving a message on the petition page so that Tea Collection knows specifically why their customers would like to see more diversity in their ads.


Holly Ramsawh


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