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Oranga Tamariki: Return Children Home to Parents who deserve them & kids their parents.

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The problem of losing our children through the system and the cracks of our current children and young person's care and protection services, namely Oranga Tamariki (formerly CYFS) is no secret to many NZ families with issues including historical abuse, caregiver abuse and systemic abuse. 

The removal of children followed by temporary to permanent placement of children can be an arresting, destabilising and chaotic traumatic time for parents and families with the focus and well-being of the child often lost sight of in the heat of feuding, debate, contentions and issues surrounding uplifting and removal in the first instance. 

So what is the point and position of this petition as to why you should sign and support it from other petitions of the same? 

You should sign this petition if you agree that every parent (single /de-facto/married or separated) who is safe and good enough to have their children returned to their care, have them returned to their care. 

Before you sign, let's define 'safe' and 'good enough'. 

1. Safe - Under the current legislation, the allegations (as to one not having one's child/ren in their care) are: i) you can not provide a safe environment for your child, ii) you're deemed unable to provide a safe environment for your child and iii) it's an unrealistic prospect that you will ever be able to provide a safe environment for your child. So the operative word and requirement where it applies to one's circumstances is to get safe to turn your situation around for your family. In doing so, some key changes to mindset, belief system and current situation you may want to consider before signing - 

1. What was good enough for you or how you may have been raised and more specifically former discipline styles ie 'the bash', severe beatings, starvation and exposing kids to certain things is now called neglect and abuse under the Crimes Act 1961 and a crime. The point being, don't do those things or you will have reason to have OT in your life. 

2. If you need parenting help, obtain it and supporting services to be the safe parent you need to be and prove to be to have them given back. Get safe, get help and get healthy for your kids. 

3. If you have unsafe people, practices, things and activities in your house, lose them or lose your kids - simple. 

2 'Good enough' - this is a subjective character evaluation of yourself as the key adult person in your child's life but where basics must be covered to be a basic good enough parent for his or her child/children - 

Responsible : for self and one's children including safety, provision and basic needs. 

Mental health: again responsible care and well being of safe and no risk to children and capacity to caregiving. The infamous 'Psychologist Reports' the courts order to have made (often against) you is where they go to town on top heavy from observations, generalisations,and often  generational value judgements irrelevant to a parents capacity and ability to parent their children. 


Not good enough - is not addressing your concerns and acknowledging a need to make changes to justify any return home that would be safe for your children. 

So the shift to change with this petition is:

Parents who can prove they are safe 


Parents who can prove they're good enough, 

be granted their children returned in a Return Home plan for their children. 

Closing :

Ultimately, this petition acknowledges that the needs, welfare and well being of the child are always paramount. As parents, our and one's duty is to meet that standard conclusively. 

This petition also implores change where pertinent to meet the standards required to be safe and good enough for our children. 

In doing so, not only do we change the circumstances in a situation that required intervention perhaps in the first instance in the home, we get to be able to do even better for our kids in making those changes. They above all surely should be more than worth it. 

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