Enable Hriday Algh's TDSB Account

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I am in Grade 8, at Windfields Junior High School. Recently, my account was unfairly banned out of pure luck. In Art class, some kid used my account to print over 100 pages of color paper. The staff tracked down the printing to my account, and had me banned. This shouldn't be allowed because, many of my teachers assign projects over Google Classroom on my school account. Since I am unable to sign in, I cannot use my account. Also, if I want to sign up for special programs or summer school, I need to be able to log in to my account.

I won't be able to do well in school if am still banned.

I request that you help me get my account unbanned by signing this petition. It would really help if you sign this petition to get it out their that students NEED their account to succeed these days.