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Toronto District School Board (TDSB) has announced that to maintain a balanced budget they will be cutting all free space in their schools through their Priority School Initiative. We need your voice to speak out and show TDSB that these cuts are unacceptable and will hurt children, youth, families and communities. Free spaces in schools allow charities like ours at Heart Beatz/Cliffcrest Community Centre and not-for-profits to facilitate free/low-cost programs in low-income communities for at-risk children and youth. Through community programs that use free TDSB school spaces, children and youth are able to thrive in a safe environment where they engage in activities such as sport and recreation play, support with homework, socializing, making new friends, cooking, arts, life skills, etc. Many children and youth who attend these types of program are from low-income families and struggle behaviourally, academically, socially, have mental health issues, disabilities, experience bullying, etc.
TDSB’s budget cuts to free spaces in schools will mean that thousands of children and youth across Toronto will be left without anywhere to go after school, which puts them at risk. Many parents rely on after school programs to keep their children safe while they are at work or school. 
What can I do?
Sign this petition to show TDSB, policy makers and politicians that cutting free space for programs for vulnerable children and youth is unacceptable and will have negative impacts on children, youth, families and communities.
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