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In 2005, Gary Wayne Hampton was charged for the rape and pregnancy of my 15 year old niece, Bianca Latrece Flowers.  Gary was her step father and had been molesting her in the room next to her mother for 5 years.  The pregnancy revealed him.  I had just lost my mother in October of 2004 and to get this news was devastation on top of devastation.  I am writing you today on behalf of my family, relatives, friends, co-workers and concerned citizens that you will find it in everyone’s best interest to keep Gary Wayne Hampton incarcerated.

Gary Hampton molested Bianca for 5 years.  Living in the house with her as her step dad made it easy for him to commit this crime.  He threaten her and her family and she went along with accepting the crime to save her family.  Hearing the story from her brought tears to my eyes and still does to this day.  To know that she would silently go through this to protect her family makes me want to do all I can to keep him away from her along as I can. 

Bianca was a very loving child, she would run to you and give the biggest kisses and hugs.  She was so happy and filled with joy.  She loved school and learning new things.  The family began to see her change and we would talk with her.  "She would respond everything is ok".  We came to conclusion that she was getting older and changing, never knowing that this person was stealing her joy and everything that she loved.  Bianca started running away, spending the night on street corners and hanging with people she really didn't want to be with to get away from Gary.  Her sister's bedroom was right across the hall from Bianca and she would see Gary go in and close the door.  Bianca begged her sister not to say anything because he would kill them.  She would tell her sister that everything would be ok. Her sister - who suffers from a physical handicap from birth - felt helpless as well. So really both of them were victims of his heinous crimes! 

It is my opinion that if Gary Hampton were to be released, he would attempt to contact my niece, my cousin(Victoria), my friend(Kawana) and myself because he has already sent out a threat to each of us.  We all still live at the same addresses, which he knows.  We do not wish to have a constant reminder of the pain he has caused.  While I have forgiven his action, I do not believe that he is, has been, or ever will be an asset to our society.  He has a record of repeat crimes from 1992.

Please help us keep Gary Wayne Hampton incarcerated.  My niece will have to live with this for the rest of her life.  She is now married and her and her husband are trying to start a family. She is unable to get pregnant.  Gary not only did mental damage, he also did internal damage to her, which is directly linked to her not being able to start her family.  She constantly thinks about the baby she chose to give up for adoption rather than abort. Life continues to seem unkind.

Please help us make sure that he cannot do this to another little girl nor family again.  Gary Wayne Hampton  is a career criminal with no regard for life. Please don't allow another family to be victimized by this man. Please vote to deny parole for Gary Wayne Hampton.  Thank you for your assistance and support!!

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