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medical cannabis for mental illness ireland such as ptsd depression anxiety etc

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been suffering with depression anxiety and so on..i was on medication for my depression anxiety and for my stomach as I used to get cramps and pains from my medication my problem came from a unexpected death in the family back in December 24th 2007 were my uncle suddenly died at the age of 25 I was 18 at time and it effected me a lot a year or 2 later then I lost my granddad and close friend in the same year then a year later my nephew was a still born this day I still have dreams of my uncle and how he passed very strange dreams horrifying dreams to be fair I find cannabis the best medication to deal with life it makes daily stuggles seem easier I am currently off my medication for depression and anxiety I'm only taking a sleepers at the minute to ease the burden of trying to sleep at night...I truly believe cannabis is the only option I have of living and obtaining a normal functioning life as some days my head feels like exploding from the stress and taught in my head as past events haunt me I don't wanna leave my house as when I feel like that I feel useless to anyone including myself and cannibas helps be deal with all that so much better than any medications I was on as they made feel more suicidal it was to the stage were life didn't feel real anymore and when I started smoking cannabis at the start it made a huge difference to my life but at first I didn't realise as I was still taking medication at that time and when I stopped taking my medication I noticed a huge difference life got bareable again I started getting a good appetite back start been able to focus better and get things done with out worries and been held back with panic and fear from my condition and am willing to do what it takes to get the medicine I need to live happy life and look forward to the future I don't wanna be tarnished for my condition and be labelled a criminal for judt trying live a better life do research and check for yourselfs the prove is there for everyone to see please help me on a journey to get this done

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