Referendum Reform - #refreform

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Referendum reform #refreform

To An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, TD Eoghan Murphy, TD Simon Harris and the entire Government.

Following on from the “horrific” crash when FF drove this country off that “cliff”, You the FG party received a “fresh” set of keys for this current “vehicle” that you are driving and unfortunately we are all on board, whether we like it or not, “it would seem”.

Since this Government took power, you have lied, colluded, dis-informed us the public on every occasion and committed many “treasonous” acts. Every Referendum you have held has been “tarred” with illegal funding, dis-information, “sneaky acts of deception” and voter fraud.

The absolute “farcical” Children's Referendum 2012; saw the introduction of “state owned children” and spawned “scandal ridden” ,”child kidnapping” and “pedophile harboring” so called “child protection” service TUSLA; which must be “immediately” disbanded and investigated for serious criminal activity.

The even more ”farcical”, “same sex marriage” Referendum in 2015 was nothing other than a front to bring in the “transgender agenda”, children having sex changes and mandatory “sexual exploitation programs” in our schools. Your party, this government, seems to have a “queer” interest in our children.

Then if we move onto the “couldn't be any more farcical” 8th Amendment Referendum, we saw every rule in the book being broken; which has led to the “probable” introduction of Eugenics; straight out of a NAZI Germany “WW2 horror story”.

It is worth noticing here that the Irish People are “wise” to your current “tactics” of using “neo-liberalism” as a front to destroy every “moral” of our most basic social fabric. We are “wise” to the fact that this Country of ours in under “globalist control”.

It is now "obvious" to what your plans for this Country of ours really are so we can no longer accept any changes to our Constitution as “democratic” or “legitimate”.

By right we the people of Ireland should be calling on the Irish Army to intervene and remove you all from office, but "we are just too nice and we are just too good to you" so we will give you "one more chance", "your last chance" !!!

We demand that you implement the following measures to a Referendum Reform bill before any next election or referendum is to take place:

1 - Camera on every ballot box.
2 - Body Camera on every person counting the votes.
3 - Body camera on every person transporting the ballot boxes.
4 - All cameras recorded live to where anyone can choose to watch any of the live feeds.
5 - All recordings/footage is kept and can be used by petitioners in future legal cases against the result of a referendum/election.
6 - If cameras go off-line during transport to counting centres, all votes are void.
7 - People are chosen for counting/referendum/election duty the same way as jury duty.
8 - Voter fraud should carry 10 years in jail with all assets seized by the state.
9 - Any Minister that lies about the facts during a Referendum debate should receive ten years in jail with all assets seized by the state.
10 - ID must be checked at all times.