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You (a common) can stop illegal cow slaughter ! Have to do these steps

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A. Introduction

Note - The signatures on this site are not verifiable since there is no way to contact and cross-verify unless someone puts his/her Voter ID number. But still this petition was started since listings on this site come on google and other searches and this site is quite popular amongst activists. In this way, we can publicize the fact amongst activists that signature campaigns and anshan-dharna alone are completely useless and waste of time bringing no results since citizens cannot know whether the signatures etc. are fake or true.

That is why we promote methods involving Contact and Cross-verify so that citizens have option to know the truth. One method is sending SMS-es so that Voter ID number support for the issue is displayed publicly on a website. (see section E below) 

B. The problem today --- Why evidences are suppressed easily and cow smuggling / slaugher continues even when there are cow-protection laws

There are presently laws on cow protection and against cow slaughter. But laws give effect only if the crime is proved and the guilty is punished. But today, the guilty go scot-free as evidence submitted against them by commons is easily suppressed. Why is the evidence easily suppressed ? Because commons do not have sufficient reach - they cannot spread their 10-20 page evidence to thousands and lakhs of people. Commons do not own a media or newspaper nor have connections in high places. It is easy for corrupt to suppress an evidence etc. which is visible to only a few people.

C. Solution

That is why we have proposed a Transparent Complaint Procedure (TCP) that commons should have a Citizens` verifiable media, that is they can go to government office and get their evidence etc. as affidavit scanned onto PM website along with their Voter ID number.

D. How this simple procedure works to stop illegal cow smuggling / illegal cow slaughter --- By increasing reach of commons 

In Facebook, etc. social media the likes, comments are not verifiable and anyone can start a post in anyone`s name, so that is not reliable and will not spread.

But, since in this system the affidavit is tagged along with voter ID number, other citizen can contact and cross-verify and know whether the person filing affidavit is true or fake. So, this procedure increases reach of the citizen and thus allows every word evidence etc. to be seen by lakhs / crores. Since, evidence will not easily be suppressed, this will reduce illegal cow smuggling and cow-slaughter.

E. Commons can send 3 SMS-es and display their Voter ID support on internet and get anti-cow slaughter laws implemented

Please send from your mobile inbox, send to 08141277555 these 3 SMS-es –

  1. First sms will be in this format (meaning that you have to put your voter ID number between two star symbols and send sms)

  2. Second SMS will have only 4 numbers for support of TCP ( ; This issue promotes all issues) which is the support code of TCP -
  3. Third SMS will have only 4 numbers for support for increasing GoRaksha laws –

Your support will come on this link –

If sufficient internet voter id number support is received in an area, these pro-common laws will come in your district or your state or in whole country.

Note - If you do not have a Voter ID number, you can also send first sms as follows -

Then, send other two support SMS-es and your support will show in the unregistered section

F. Main proposals for stopping illegal Cow Smuggling and Cow Slaughter

1. Transparent Complaint Procedure (TCP) –

Citizens will have option to get their evidences, application etc. as affidavit SCANNED onto PM website along with their Voter ID number so that it reaches lakhs and the evidences, statements are not suppressed. Since the evidences etc. will not be suppressed, it will ensure Cow-protection. For more info, please see (online) or for download.

2. Right to Recall Procedures on Police Commissioner and District Chief Judge –

If citizens have a procedure that they can anyday change their public prosecutor, district chief judge and police commissioner, then due to fear of loosing job, 99% of these officials will improve their work. Then, the guilty will get appropriate punishment within few months and illegal cow slaugher will be reduced. For more info, please read -

3. Narco Test in Public on Accused ordered by Jury –

In Jury system for every case, there will be chosen different 15 to 1500 citizens (Jurors) who will give judgement ; judges will not give judgement. In this system, the judgement comes quickly within weeks-months and is much more fair compared to Judge system which will help stop illegal cow slaughter. Jury will decide whether there will be Narco Test in Public etc. investigations or not. For more info, please  read -

Besides this, please ask your MP, MLA etc. public servants and election ex-candidates to put these proposals on their website or twitter where they will ask the CM/PM to print these laws in gazette.

Another benefit of this campaign is that we can ask our MP, MLA, corporator etc. public servants to implement Public SMS server on their site. What is Public SMS server, what are its benefits, please see this link  –

Please see this link for more info about benefit and successes of Contact and Cross-verify methods -

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