Provide option of Pass/Fail for TCNJ students for Spring 2020 due to Covid19

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The situation we as a community face is extraordinary, difficult, and unprecedented. The student body at The College Of New Jersey appreciates the openness and clarity with which we have received information on developments at the College and around the world.

It is also clear that The College Of New Jersey has excellent curriculum, much of which will need to be drastically changed in order to fit an online format. Many classes, especially many Labs, are heavily based around group work and projects which require a level of collaboration that goes far beyond what is capable with just online communication softwares. 

All things considered, a fair way to offset the hectic moving out process and drastic changes to coursework students face in their coursework would be to implement additional pass/fail options for this semester. Schools such as MIT, Smith College, Grinnell College, and others have already begun implementing such options to help their students during this difficult time. 

Additionally, The a College Of New Jersey has a richly diverse student body, creating a welcoming community for all. However this has already caused various complications for students in their coursework. As students return home, many challenges such as timezone differences, housing uncertainties, and access to sufficient materials for work are becoming more prevalent among students at TCNJ

Furthermore, the state of New Jersey is currently in a state of lockdown with curfews and strict guidelines. Therefore this step will mitigate the pressure and impact this pandemic will have on the students of the College of New Jersey . 

Again, considering these extreme circumstances, the student body strongly urges The College of New Jersey to look into potential options for pass/fail-type grading to offset the immense burden suddenly placed upon students and professors alike at the College. We still recognize that some students may want to keep their respected letter grade but we believe everyone has unique circumstances and therefore there should be an option for this semester to not negatively affect students academic career. 


Thank you.