Save B. Musique Studio from Unfair Eviction... Let Him Move It, Not Lose It!

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Since 2015, Bryant Didier has been fighting to save his studio, which may be the longest running 'Black Owned' Professional Recording studio operating in Toronto.

The Toronto Community Housing Corporation have been trying to evict Bryant (a single father, professional musician and music producer.

Is the eviction because of reprisal for Bryant refusing to drop a claim at the LTB regarding home repairs? The TCHC know the studio income pays his rent for his TCHC home as well. They are supposed to prevent, not cause evictions, but they don't seem to care

Bryant is not in arrears, and he has peacefully operated his studio for 30 years!

In 1992, Bryant and the original tenants saved the building from becoming a condominium by convincing the City of Toronto to purchase the building. It was to become a safe, secure artists live/work community. TCHC is now trying to evict the longest standing tenant in the building, the only person of colour in the building, all during Black History Month! Many black (and other) musicians, including TCHC tenants, who are currently working with Bryant are worried about their projects.

TCHC say the studio is 'inappropriate', after knowingly taking rent from Bryant for 20 years!

Please sign this petition urging the TCHC to rent Bryant the vacant (for 10 years) unit B5.

Unit B5 is the perfect location for the studio, and Bryant has been asking to rent it and provide a music program for TCHC tenants for over 7 years! He has offered to have Evolutionary Music Co-Op (a non-profit) rent the space and provide programs (a common use for TCHC non-resident space rentals).

TCHC say this offer for the former studio unit is also 'inappropriate'. Why?

This is a positive and practical solution.

If you care about music and the arts, please sign this petition, and Help Keep The Music Alive!