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Dont let this school of champions be shut down! Release Funds.

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My students are national champions. They won India Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at various events at the Special Olympics.

Their future is in danger because the Government has gone back on a promise.

I am a teacher at a special school in Kerala where all the children have different level of intellectual disabilities. We teach these children important skills through a mix of sports, art, music and dance.

And it has worked! Our students have been able to do exceptionally well and even become national champions. But this might come to an end.

For years, the central Government has been providing the financial support for our work at Nirmala Sadan School in Muvattupuzha. Two-years ago they suddenly stop supporting us.

We were told our proposal for that year had been accepted. We received half of the promised funds. But since then, we have only received silence. Now our school has run out of funds, we have no money left to function. In spite of this, our students continue to excel.

I cannot bear to think of a future where my students have no school to go to. That is why I have been working for months without pay. Many other teachers are doing the same.

But we cannot continue like this forever, nor can we let the school shut down. We refuse to give up!

This is an appeal to the Government to provide the support they used to offer. My students need your help and support. Sign my petition and tell the Government to release the funds.

Our appeals to the Government have gone unheard. We have no idea why they are ignoring the future of these vulnerable children.

The Government might not listen to 230 children, but if I can get the support of thousands of concerned citizens like you, I will be able to make the Government release the funds.

It is easy to ignore the voiceless and vulnerable. We as a community, need to make sure that they are taken care of. Every child, no matter how “different”, deserves an education and a bright future. I and my fellow teachers are doing our best to keep this school running. With your support, we will make sure that our amazing students continue to have a good school to go to.


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