REQUIRE HOUSTON Catholic SCHOOLS to make up missed days due to inclement weather

REQUIRE HOUSTON Catholic SCHOOLS to make up missed days due to inclement weather

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Mary Divine started this petition to TCCBED and

Parents pay tuition - parents should have a voice! Let’s make it count! Let’s reach 100. Cardinal Parents/Guardians - we need YOUR support.  St. Rose (One school alone) pocketed over 70K in tuition alone that week without offering services of education to children.

The school recently communicated that the TCCBED will NOT require Catholic schools such as SRL to make up days missed due to inclement weather. Hence, TCCBED allowing catholic schools to ignore the fact that students missed out on learning for an entire week? The TCCBED (Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops Education Department) should require Houston Catholic schools to make up the week of missed learning.  There are ways they can make up days with minimal schedule impact.

Paid tuition was submitted by every single parent in full for February 2021 and the catholic school system should offer the full value that was paid to educate our children - despite inclement weather. Children this year have already faced too many learning disadvantages for the school system to simply turn around and evade their professional responsibility, which is to offer the education value these children so much need. They missed out on one ENTIRE week of school due to inclement weather (i.e. winter blast). Houston Catholic Schools can make a plan and pretend like they care about our children’s actual education and not just about annual fundraisers. They can consider offering to extend learning to end of May or into June or by modifying the early dismissal days. If they school administration does not wish to extend the school year, there ARE other options. They can get creative on their end. There's plenty of early dismissal days on the school calendar and "Teacher Inservice Days" which means - no school. Principals: why the rush to end the school year when you have the ENTIRE summer for R&R? Why the eagerness to give up on our children and turn their back on their education?

Our children deserve the education and planning effort. Please support this change to allow Houston catholic school students to make up the missed days and force the TCCBED to have consideration for our children and not give up on them. They need all the education they can get in these uncertain times.

Listed below are a couple of options the schools can take to make up missed time/days due to inclement weather:

(1) SRL has more than a couple early dismissal days - Why not modify those days to make them full days? Instead of dismissing students at noon or 1 PM, the school can end at normal time of 3ish PM. The school calendar has has a whopping 5 (FIVE) early dismissal days on the calendar before the school ends this year. -(1)The week AFTER students return from a week of spring break, (2)Early dismissal the day before Holy Friday, (3) No School on Good Friday. Inclement weather on Monday, April 5th and early dismissal again on April 31st(4).  Then again, on Wed. May 26th(5).

(2) School administration can extend the 3 PM school dismissal hour by 30 min. for the remainder or semester/school year could compensate for missed days.

(3) Extending semester/school year to run through early June or end of May.

(4) Offer classes for days marked as “inclement weather” days and "teacher in service days". The school calendar has an inclement weather date on Monday, April 5th and early dismissal at noon on Wed. May 26th and "Teacher Inservice Day" on Thursday, May 27th.

It’s funny how catholic school fundraisers were NOT cancelled throughout the year so why should teacher/faculty and staff give up and now cancel the opportunity to teach our children so easily? Fundraisers took time and effort, why not devote that time and effort into actually teaching our children? 

** For those who find this petition little uncharitable, please note this comes from a group of parents who have contributed to every single fundraiser brought by the school and PTA, including selling more than the allotted stack of raffle tickets in the midst of a pandemic, dining out at the spirits events to give back to school and have gone above and beyond at every single school fundraiser.

TCCBED, then why this?






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