Stop the Toll Road Through San Clemente!



- San Clemente and TCA decided long time ago that a toll road through SC would have devastating effects - our General Plan specifies 50% open space. This toll road will ensure economic hardship, neighborhood and community cohesion by bisecting our city, negative response times for first responders, air quality, noise, traffic,  visual impacts and environmental impacts.

-The settlement agreement between the TCA and the environmental groups (which had the route around San Clemente ) creates significant environmental impacts  to the San Juan and Desecha watersheds, threatens endangered species such as the mountain lion, which is considered extremely endangered and  takes away already mitigated land  (open space) equal. The effects of this route are equal or worse than the Green Alignment.

- We believe that the mobility study in November was flawed, where the questions forced you to give an answer to one of the routes. At no point did the TCA disclose that the Green Aligment was off the table knowing full well they were in the process of settling a lawsuit.

- Transportation is changing at a fast pace. Don't build 1970s technology when we are the cusp of major technological advances such as autonomous cars and even taxi drones.

- This is a vanity road - only wealthy people can afford this Toll Road. Toll Roads discriminate against the elderly, students and low income families.

-   Our homes values, views, health and quality of life will be deeply affected. The 92673 zip code has a whooping 23% drop in year over year sales!!

-  Their own mobility studies indicate that ARTERIAL are better solutions - La Pata to Cristianitos. Crown Valley to 241.  Create new arterials not on maps yet.

-  We have already widened the I5 Freeway. San Clemente will be subjected again to years of construction and widening of the freeway to make the connection to the 5.

- One of the alignments would go very near 6 schools - San Juan Hills High, Vista Del Mar, Marblehead, Bernice Ayres and Truman Benedict and San Clemente High. In 2003, California passed a law that freeways can't be constructed 500 feet from schools. Living near a freeway has detrimental effects on learning, lung capacity and higher risks of cancer.

-  We value our open space and we bought our homes as such. If we wanted to live in Irvine, we would do that but we chose San Clemente. San Clemente is nearly 100 years old, is fully developed. The TCA has never gone through a fully developed city                                                         

- Cost per mile to build this Toll Road could be at par with the bullet train (Pacific Research Group)           

-) We have among the highest tolls in the nation.  To compensate with sagging ridership, the Toll Road has risen their Tolls 12 times since inception. This is just another Tax on citizens - (Pacific Research Group)       

- According to Pacific Research Group, The Toll Roads have received over $1.7 Billion dollars of taxpayer money through grants, developer fees. Once the Toll Roads are completed, Caltrans is responsible for maintaining roads at Taxpayer expenses.  Fix the current roads.   

 - If this was truly about mobility, lower pricing should be offered at the other Tolls (241 nd 73) to take more cars off the road. Use price management according to times of the day.

-  San Clemente does not meet Air Quality Standards (AQMD) NOW, a TollWay will add more to this problem.

- The open space that you want to go over is already been used as mitigation land.  You can't mitigate the mitigation land.

-  None of the studies included minority groups and disenfranchised groups that will not be able to afford to ride on this VANITY Toll Road.

- According to their TCA own studies - this Toll Road will have minimal impact on traffic reduction -2% to 8%.

- The routes through San Clemente can potentially lower property values to up to 12,000 homes with an impact of $100 million in taxes to city and county potentially (assuming 10% drop of prop values on average after homes lose views or are next to a tollway when they had open space before)

- Free arterials are the key. Making Los Patrones a Toll Road would increase traffic on Antonio by an additional 22,000 cars.

- the TCA has grossly overestimated ridership on both the 241 and 73.  The TCA projected that by 2010, 220,000 trips would happen on the I5, as it stands today, there are 140,000 trips.

- Miles driven have steadily decreased in North America, even as population grows.  The peak driving in North America happened in 2007.

"San Clemente was founded and built by Ole Hanson, my grandfather, with a very beautiful idea in mind: An authentic Spanish Revisionist Architecture town by the sea that blended into the gorgeous landscape and ocean shore. Quality of life was one of the main ideas, with the nice Mediterranean climate complimented by the Sunshine. Here, he considered, was just the place for swimming, walking, exercise and health in harmony with nature. The plan was right out of Ole Hanson's philosophy of life that he shared with his good, late friend, President Theodore Roosevelt. Now, those who have no interest in the City of San Clemente, nor the healthy lifestyle it promotes, nor the beauty of the city and it's history, plan to sully the beauty of this magical place with a hideous toll road. This is something that my grandfather would oppose intensely....And I share his sentiments. This monstrosity must be stopped and not allowed to proceed. Oppose this with every inch of your political fortitude. I stand with you. Phil Halfhill Hanson"


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