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100% BANNED 6351 Alloy Scuba Cylinders

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Revised: Because pressure from the industry. Please sign and share. Make it viral or nothing will happen except necrology column.

Summary: Another Scuba cylinder explosion occurs on 15 June 2017. All pressurized cylinders could explode if not maintained and inspected according to their respective standards. This petition is for banning all Scuba cylinders built with Aluminum alloy 6351 more than 30 years ago. Furthermore then normal visual inspection, this alloy may develop sustain-load crack and explode any time while filling or diving if very special procedure (Eddy who?) is not followed by Hydro re-qualifiers. Many of visual inspectors while they do 5 years hydro do not do it, do not remember to do it or simply ignore it mostly outside Canada and USA. Hydro Re-Qualifier may get one 6351 cylinder every 1,000 normal visual inspections.

Details: Tell me why, on those 7 tanks I bought from another dive shop 5 years ago, no hydro re-tester have ever add "VE" stamped after hydro dates since September 2005. This is the LAW. I am a PSI visual inspector and I forgot about those hand grenades. How many Eddy Current Technician are there in Grenada and in all Caribbean? Do they all have their Eddy Current tool and remember what to do with alloy 6351 once every 1,000+ hydro they perform monthly? From those 26,000 PSI visual inspectors mainly located in Canada and USA how many remember Eddy current test procedure on alloy 6351 even though they do visual inspection regularly? This is TC/DOT LAW as a fellow from Luxfer told me. He called me 5 minutes after I sent him an email following the explosion. Was he felt guilty of what? How come, if you burn your pocket when a phone battery explodes in your pants a total recall of a million $500 phones is immediately done?  And the PSI  CEO, the only recognize Visual Cylinder Inspection by Tansport Canada and Department of Transportation in USA, call me the day after I reported the explosion to him. We did agree that all pressurized cylinders could explode: 6351 or 6061. He told me that a new cylinder could explode after 246 days and this is why it should be tested annually. He also agree to fight with me (anti-lobbying) to banned alloy 6351 cylinders if there or as soon as another human being is killed by a 6351 alloy no consideration of how, why, where it happens. And this other PSI Instructor Trainer wrote me that a few weeks before, he had a FULL cylinder in front of him with a large visible crack. He told me he had a cold sweat after he emptied it with no incident. He promises he will start some counter-lobbying with Transport Canada now. How come, even this guru, did not find it before. How then normal human beings like you and I could predict when explosion will occur? This alloy could not sustain load for long time, 30+ years is enough.

Did you get my point?

I am just saying that this 6351 tank you paid $150, 30 years ago should be banned. Luxfer should be the one who recommend it to TC/DOT as a good American citizen. Why they offer an exchange on their website if they think it is not more dangerous then 6061? Less than 10% of “knowledged” PSI inspectors know how to manipulate a million ticking bombs out there. Look to your cylinders, visually inspected or not, and if you do not see “SE” stamps on any one older than 1988, call Mr. Luxfer and ask him to come to empty it. And if there is a “SE” stamp condemn it anyway. I did more than 500, 20 minutes per tank Eddy current test when I was in Montreal and the procedure is not trivial for someone who run it once in a while. If $5 per year is more important than a life do not support my mission of “100% BANNED 6351” as it should have been done in 1980 when they discover the flaw. It is not too late to correct a lobbying mistake.


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