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John's speech prom 2017

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Thanks guys.

On behalf of all of the staff I wish them good luck for their future.

Tbc is on the mend and a new rebuilding process is underway.

Miss Pilar has bee a great servant to the school and she will step down at the end of the year. Thanks for the memories Miss Pilpil we will definitely (not forget you, I mean we will but get tae fuck).

Alberto and his yellow jacket is like Romeo and Juliet. He will be missed and for once he is not on la lista.

Voldemort aka the guy behind that stupid desk. Your a lad. Thanks for your services. You'll forever be remembered at this pish school.

Fran, mi colega Fran. The one who spends 20 years studying at school to sit behind a computer to look at students who are on facebook. No Surrender mate.

Biddy or whatever her name is. Nice woman. She talks the talk but she doesnt walk the walk. I can see her waving the cash in a few years down in mangos getting pissed out of her face.

Miss Muller im not going to say anything cos I don't have my notes.

Miss Pilar with all the money she has could just invest it in better facilites or better sandwiches but no she spends it in the local burger king or mcdonalds. Fair play. Running a school in benalmadena and living next to it. She's living the dream. It's class but expected.

Thanks for reading then. And remember in 1 month we wont have to pay 1 50 for a bocadillo mixto or pay for the uniform. They spend more time on the uniform than they do teaching.

By the time you read this Alberto will still be walking to collect the ball you've just kicked over.

Thank you and no surrender

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