To keep formal on the same day as grad (stop it from changing to July)

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The motive behind the change of the Trinity Bay 2019 formal dates from after graduation (the last day of school) to July is to "improve our OP". This is thought to happen as those who are in school " just for formal" are believed to drop out afterwards, meaning that only dedicated students will remain. However, this may not necessarily be the case. These students may not actually drop out, and even if they did, the OP system is complex, and their departure may not actually effect the remaining students' scores positively. For a number of years, Trinity Bay's senior formal has been held on the same day as graduation. Why should the 2019 senior cohort have it different? As the last cohort going through with the OP system, I believe we have a right to close our senior chapter in the traditional manner. Please assist the graduating class of 2019 have the formal dates altered back to the last day of school by signing this petition. 

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Regards - The 2019 Tbay fanpage