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The planting of mature trees & foliage in and around the Jubilee Drive crossroads Park

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For the residents that live within close proximity of this park there has been a sever loss of privacy since the park has been built. As a result there is also now extensive noise that occurs throughout the day and into the late evening, along with the negative impact the park has had on the visual aesthetic of the area when it was once an area of well kept grass.

I would like to take this petition to the relevant companies and/or individuals at Taylor Wimpey, Hart District Council & Church Crookham Parish Council so they can understand the support behind this proposal from the surrounding residents. 

We understand fully that there are regulations in place for child's play areas in new build developments and therefore are not against the play area itself, however there are concerns over the loss of privacy, noise and appearance of the LEAP park situated on the crossroads of Jubilee Drive.

As a fair suggestion to help combat some of these issues we would like to propose the implementation of planting MATURE trees and shrubbery around the perimeter fence and within the park to help with absorbing some of the noise this park now attracts, as currently it bounces straight off all the surrounding buildings of which most are 3 stories high and are flats.

This planting will also help to give back some of the lost privacy to the residents as due to some of the equipment in the park, specifically the large treehouse type structure, this enables individuals inside it to view straight into 1st floor apartments and down onto ground floor ones in the surrounding flats.

Along with these points the proposed planting should also help improve the visual aesthetic of the park. It is great in this development (The Woodlands, Fleet) that Taylor Wimpey have put consideration into the hard and soft landscaping with trees and foliage being planted all around the roads and houses, however it appears there is nothing helping to disguise and blend this park in, to match this softer, more environmentally friendly aesthetic.

Finally the taller mature trees we are proposing will also provide some much needed shade in the park, as at present there is no shelter from the sun on a hot and sunny day when the park will be attracting most visitors.

If this petition is recognised by the relevant parties who are within power to action it, we would like to ensure selected individuals supporting this cause to be consulted with regards to the proposed new planting locations around the park. Along with confirmation of exactly what trees and foliage will be planted, as it is crucial that they are MATURE trees with dense leaves and foliage to help absorb the noise, give back some privacy, improve the visual aesthetic and provide some well needed shade to the park.

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