reputation Stadium Tour Latin America

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Since the beginning of Taylor's career, Latin swifties have been supporting Taylor. With time, the fanbase in our countries has become bigger. Every album Taylor puts out brings us hope to be able to finally see her live in our countries, but it never happens. We, Latin American swities, are so dedicated and passionate about everything that Taylor works in; and we believe that we deserve the opportunity to see her performing in our countries as much as in the others. 

In this petition we ask you to help us by just signing to show Taylor and Taylor Nation that we are waiting for her with the "reputation Stadium Tour"  and that we are able to be a loud and passionate crowd. If we achieve to get their attention and bring her, we'll be having the time of our lives in the concerts and we'll be also achieving our dreams, and if we don't; at least we'll make some noise to let them know we love her. 

In case you haven't never seen Taylor live, just think of how much you want that to happen; and in case you have, please remember how you feel screaming all the words to all the songs you love and how does it feel to know you're seeing the person who inspires you in the same place as you. 

Please help us signing and sharing. We would be truly grateful!