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Meet a 5 year old with terminal cancer

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Thousands of high school students want to help a little girl's wish come true and they're hoping for a ‘swift’ response.

The 5 year-old girl from Norwell has brain cancer, and they're trying to arrange a meeting with her idol, Taylor Swift.

Meanwhile her family is hoping to raise awareness about her rare disease.

Caroline Cronk is a happy, energetic 5-year-old girl. Until one day, she just wasn't herself.

Doctors diagnosed her with DIPG, an inoperable brain tumor. There is no cure.

"We asked them not to sugar coat anything, we asked the doctors how bad is it, and they said, it's the worst,” said father, Kevin Cronk.

DIPG stands for Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. It is the deadliest of pediatric cancers, affecting around 200 children a year. Only two percent survive.

"You just see your life flash before your eyes. You see her life flash before your eyes,” said mother, Rachael Cronk.

A month ago Calle was perfectly healthy. Then she couldn't take five steps without falling. The left side of her face began to sag and she had trouble speaking.

"At that point the symptoms have advanced so quickly and they're telling you this disease is cancer and you're wondering are we going to have any time left with our little girl,” said Kevin Cronk.

Support for the 5-year-old has gone viral. TheFacebook page, “Hope for Caroline,” already has more than 3500 likes.

Then a student from Norwell high school tweeted about Calle's story to a Boston Bruin’s hockey player, who in turn retweeted to almost 200,000 people. The hashtag, #prayforcalle quickly went viral.

And now thousands are trying to make one of Calle's biggest wishes come true, to meet her idol, Taylor Swift.

Her parents are just taking it day by day.

Just like the signs outside their home, the Cronks just want to believe, and are hoping for a miracle. But they're speaking out to raise awareness about this relatively unknown, yet deadly child cancer.

"I think it's important that whatever happens with us, 10 years from now another child has a better chance than she does right now,” said Rachael Cronk.

Students at Norwell high school and people all across the community continue to show their support by cooking meals for the family, even decorating their home for Christmas. We have yet to hear back from a spokesperson for Taylor Swift, they are out of the office for the thanksgiving holidays. Meanwhile, Calle will begin a clinical trial and radiation this Wednesday.

Information on how to donate to the Cronk family:

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