Taylor Swift to re-release her 6 albums

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  • On 30th June 2019 Taylor Swift's previous label Big Machine Records, which owns the masters to her first 6 albums and 2 EPs was bought by Scooter Braun, the manager of stars like Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber, who is well known for his dirty tricks, even on his artists to get what he wants. The investors of the deal are the Carlyle group, who are funding the genocide in Yemen and also are shareholders in his own company. So every time you play a Taylor Swift song,  you fund the deaths of innocent people.

His intention is 1. to win money from the immense numbers her previous works get 2. To not certify her records, so she won't profit from the promotion and attention a few diamond certifications will get her, so his own artists can rise and shine happily ever after by discrediting the biggest force in pop culture today.

There are 2 stances, the master (Big Machine Records) who owns only the file of the record and the publisher (Swift) who owns the sound, vocals and lyrics. So, she as a publisher can re-record her projects under Big Machine Records and release them as her own under Republic Records where she is both master and publisher.

Will you let the 12 years of work of a self-made woman get discredited, manipulated and twisted for personal gains and get utilized for funding the deaths of thousands or will you sign this petition and get her long work repaid?

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