Reduction of Resource Fee

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As of today, the duration of the lockdown, as well as how the recovery will take place is still unknown. 

Taylor's University is filled with students from different countries and backgrounds. Several countries are in lockdown mode for an indefinite period of time. People are working from home, or simply not working. We are facing travel bans, event cancellations and prohibitions on so many activities. All sectors are highly affected. Discretionary spending by consumers has collapsed. The substantial drop in travel has affected many countries and the fuctioning of global supply chains has been disrupted by the current crisis. 

We would like to ask for a reduction in school fees for it would be a great help to us during the pandemic. So many of us are walking on a tightrope because our sources of income rely heavily on the activities that can't run due to the virus outbreak. Some families are even struggling to afford basic living expenses. 

Another reason why we think that we deserve a reduction in school fees also includes the fact that we are only relying on e-Learning right now. E-Learning feels very different from regular face-to-face classes. There are students who can't fully experience the subject/s they are taking because they need special equipment/tools that aren't commonly found at home. I'm talking about the students in need of a fully-equipped kitchen or those in need of good-quality audio devices. No matter how advanced our online learning system is, it will never be able to compete with real-life learning experience.