International Swifties Deserve Better

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Swifties Worldwide significantly misses out on opportunities like exclusive merchandise, signed albums, and tours. This petition is to get the attention of the Taylor Nation team.



  • There are no excuses for why items of merchandise should be limited to the US. Even many foreign countries have boundaries closed by COVID-19, most of the sending worldwide services are working.
  • Taylor Swift has fans around the world not in the just US.
  • The cost of shipping to any country outside the US is too expensive, being mostly more than the item itself.

Prompt to Taylor Nation:

  • Storage of physical warehouses in more countries than the US. By doing this, the stocks will be more available to swifties around the world.
  • Post new merchandise or opportunities at 11 am ET-1 pm ET. We recommend this time because it result comfortable for worldwide fans by comparing the different time zones between Asia & America. In this way, more swifties will have more chances.



We hope Taylor Nation can makeshifts.



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