Let fans meet Taylor Swift

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Let me start off by saying hello, my name is Ashley and I am commonly known as ‘Hairflip’ on social media. I met Miss Taylor Swift on the 1989 Tour, in Vancouver on August 1st 2015 when I’ve been a fan of Taylor for half my life. I’m 20 now.

Why is it that some people can meet Miss Swift, twice, three times, four times in one era.... when others can not meet her twice in the span of ten years? Please let me express that this is not about me, this is about the “Swiftie” fandom as a whole and I am simply giving them a voice. 


At Philly Night 1, Andrea Swift denied two of my friends, that neither of them were allowed to meet Taylor tonight because one had already met her. Three. Years. Ago. The other had never met her. Reasoning being ‘it wouldn’t look good if they got split up’ and then proceeded to give their rep room pass to someone in front of them. Now, not to state the obvious, but these girls were obviously heartbroken. Who wouldn’t be? Not only that but a group of FOUR was split up in a meet and greet because Britny had already met her prior. I’m sorry, but what is this system? Why is this so unorganized? Taylor Swift isn’t a prize to be won. She’s a human being! 
Why is it okay when someone who met her 3 months ago, can get into a meet and greet, when someone who has never met her is denied Rep Room because their FRIEND met her. Three years ago. Where is the logic? Where is the organization? Who made this ‘rule’ ???? 
How is it okay to deny people of meeting their idol, whom they spend their savings on, just to see her sing, be denied the one thing that can bring them happiness. Why. Why. Why. Why.  I know the goal is to let everyone have a chance, but let’s be honest. If a group of people is picked out of thousands, it shouldn’t matter if they’ve met her before. They’re obviously doing something right, like having the time of their life. Being free and letting go of everything. 

Another friend of mine was given the opportunity to meet Taylor prior before the MetLife show, but 5 minutes after being contacted, was called again and told that her invitation has been revoked because she met her five years ago. FIVE. YEARS AGO. you’re practically a different human being then. 

TAYLOR NATION cannont keep giving g opportunities and RIPPING them away without a care in the world. I’m sick of seeing my friends heartbroken because they love Taylor more than anything and just want a hug.  

I can say on behalf of most of the fandom that we don’t care if you’ve met Taylor once, or twice or ten times, you should be able to meet her again. She is not a prize. She’s a human being. And we love her for that. 

If they’re really concerned about not havin g people meet her multiple times make a ‘once an era’ rule. Something that allows people to still see taylor and reach her and love her and grow up with her. She wants to meet as many of us as possible. Shouldn’t that include the kids she met 5 years ago? Cause back then, they were only just kids. If rules are going to be put in place there needs to be consistency. None of these ‘exceptions’ for different people. No more confusion. The rule either needs to be in stone. Or dropped. There is no in between.  Because as a fan for 10 years, I’ve had enough of seeing people leaving shows crying. I’ve had enough of having opportunities offered and then ripped from their fingertips. I’m tired of seeing my friends heartbroken because of inconsistencies. I’m tired of this happening. I’m tired of it. And i will not stay silent anymore. If taylor nation wants to ‘blacklist’ me or prevent me from ever meeting Taylor again, the woman who literally saved my life. Fine. Because I’ve already met her. So I guess it doesn’t matter anyway.