Protection over Politics: Sign for Student Safety & to Keep Principal Kelly

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Our principal, Ms. Rosemary Kelly, was unjustly fired for trying to protect our students and teachers after the high school received a school-wide terroristic threat.

On February 20, 2018, the Taylor Police Department of Taylor, Texas received a call from a current Legacy Early College High School student on campus who threatened to “kill as many students and teachers as possible.” The student was arrested and charged with making a “credible terroristic threat” (according to the Taylor Police Department), a third-degree felony. Principal Kelly believed the threat was to be handled with the utmost consideration, and immediately recognized her responsibility to keep the entire school population safe, including the troubled student who made the threat.

Principal Kelly, having been a campus counselor and educator for decades, saw the warning signs prior to the call and repeatedly asked for additional resources and mental health support on campus. Taylor ISD denied her requests, and not until it was too late was the request finally granted; an unfortunate epidemic plaguing many schools around the country.

When the student was allowed to return to campus, several weeks later, Principal Kelly was inexplicably terminated after attempting to take action and voicing her opposition to Taylor ISD, who continued to disregard student safety and mental health concerns.  

Our children have a right to an education, but more than that, they have the right to feel safe at school. Taylor ISD has failed us. They have failed our children. They have failed our teachers. And they have failed Principal Kelly. When did politics and bureaucracy become more important than student safety? Enough is enough.

We must act now and we must not be silent. Principal Kelly made a promise to keep all of her students safe. Please sign this petition to reinstate Ms. Kelly and allow her to fulfill that promise. By writing your name, you are showing your support for student safety and to demand more resources dedicated to addressing mental health issues in schools.

#ProtectionOverPolitics #KeepMsKelly

To learn more about the unjust action taken on Ms. Kelly, join the Facebook group "Support Ms. Kelly" or listen to her radio interview with KLBJ.

On behalf of our entire community, thank you for your support.