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            Sadly and shockingly, millions of good, caring, involved Fathers in this country are being wrongfully deprived of their Constitutional equal parenting rights in/to their children by ill informed, gender-biased state divorce court judges.

            Imagine if you, as a loving, caring and involved Father and good U.S. citizen, were suddenly stripped of your Constitutional equal parenting rights in/to your children by a single, state employee who has never met your children, heard their voices and desires, barely knows your name, and knows nothing about the years of love, care, and effort that you poured into raising your children.  Does that sound impossible?  Does it sound illegal and un-American?  Does it sound like an Orwellian nightmare?  It is!  Yet, it is happening as you read this. 

            I know all too well just how bad the current situation is.  Over the past 5 years, as a loving, caring, and involved Father of 2 young children, I have fought an uphill battle (in the broken courts of Massachusetts) to secure my fair and rightful equal parenting and custody rights in/to my children, following a very contentious divorce.  It has been a struggle that should never have happened (to me, or any other loving, involved Father in our country).  However, it did happen because Massachusetts (like many other states) has allowed and empowered its divorce court judges to wrongfully deprive good Fathers, like me, of our U.S. Constitutional rights to our children.  Sound familiar?  No doubt many of you have been victims of similar state judges, courts and laws.

            Despite the U.S. Supreme Court’s longstanding recognition of our Constitutional level parenting rights, many individual states have long been systematically violating these rights by adopting state laws that empower lower court judges to easily strip a parent (most often, Fathers) of their rights.  These judges, who never meet our children, hear their voices, or know anything about us as parents, unilaterally act as "judge, jury, and executioner” on whether our Constitutional parenting rights are protected.  Often, these judges deprive a Father of his equal rights simply because he is male.

             The violation of the fundamental right of Fathers to equally parent their children has reached epidemic portions in America.  The widespread, gender-biased outcome of custody battles underscores a crucial and urgent fact:  The U.S. Congress needs to act and pass an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (or equivalent Federal Act) that protects and enshrines the Constitutional right of good, involved parents to equally raise and make decisions about their children, post divorce, and take the power and discretion out of the hands of the states and their divorce court judges.  A U.S. Constitutional right cannot be, and should not be allowed to be, taken away from a citizen by the “discretion” of a state court judge.  Parents can, and always should, decide what is in the best interests of their children.  Not some biased state employee.

             After my experience, I started EqualityForDads.org to help ensure that no loving, caring and capable Fathers (or Mothers) ever have to go through the ordeal that I have gone through, or have their Constitutional equal parenting rights wrongfully taken away.   As Mahatma Gandhi famously said, “you must be the change you wish to see in the world.”   Our loud and collective voice is what is needed to push our Congress to rectify this great social injustice and pass the necessary legislation and Constitutional Amendment.  

            Please sign our Petition today and be part of our movement of change for equality of parenting rights … 

            Xavier James
            Founder & Executive Director