Tay Bridge Dundee.

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Phil Welsh
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Through out the years there has been many attempts of people jumping over the tay bridge Dundee. However a  best friend of mine did jump and sadly passed away due to this. Only being aged 27 years old. And I feel there should be something done within the bridge to prevent this in the future. Many people attempt this and for many of reasons. With life being to hard or mental health illness. Somthing needs to be done. To prevent this again. Think about if it was a member of your family that were to be in that position. So much damage can be done. I would like to thank everyone that does join me and taking your time to sign this petitionThis past month a few others have attempted to do this. My personal mission is to take this to the authorities and with the help of many other members of public and successful help this process. The fact is there needs to be higher fencing or other materials or methods to ensure that the tay bridge is no longer available in this hour of distress. Dundee have a range of help for people who deal with mental health issues. We all agree that Dundees famous tay bridge is forever a beautiful thing. However one jump can and has cost lives and will continue to be until we join together and help rectify the situation. Please join me and make our amazing dundees most precious bridge safer and better in 2019.

#MentalHealthMatters #stayingsafe #taybridge #makechangesnow