To Keep Medicaid Funding to Nursing Homes in Louisiana

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Elderly Residents living in Louisiana Nursing Homes will be evicted with no place to go if they have an income of $750 or more. They will no longer qualify for Medicaid. The will be forced to go home. We need your help to keep them in their homes ( Nursing Homes) where they can continue to receive the care they need and the love. These elderly people aren't just residents...They are FAMILY!!! For some, we are all that they have. Don't not strip them of benefits they rightly deserve. It's other ways to fix budgets without disrupting LIVES. The ELDERLY people are still ALIVE and BREATHING. Who are you to write them off as if they are nothing. Where is your HEART and COMPASSION? I urge everyone to sign this petition. Our voices have to be heard!!!! Some of them can not speak anymore. We are their advocates now.I beg you all to help fight to make a difference. Please share and sign this petition!!! Thank you all