Scrap the Electricity Home User Charge- City of Cape Town.DA Led Administration, Dan Plato

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The City of Cape Town is changing the way it charges for power because we as residents are using too little electricity. Instead of incentives for Lower usage, The City of Cape Town seems it fit and proper to charge us for lower usage and consumption. 

Let us, the people unite and  strongly object   to the City of Cape Town charging us "Electricity Home User Charge" of R142 a month.

In addition to the 'Home User Charge' we are further 'raped by Power' by paying approximately R1.8532/kWh for the first 600 units per month, and R2.1032/kWh after that.

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Dan Plato, Mayor of Cape Town, We the people demand that the so called 'Home User Charge' be scrapped as soon as possible.

We demand that you call a special council meeting to Adress the concerns of the ratepayers who signed this petition. 

We demand that you request / direct the Director for Finance to provide and estimate the  expected revenue for the City for 2019/2020.

We demand that an adjusted budget be presented to Full council and the Home User Charge be scrapped in its entirety. 

Should our demands not be met within 60 days, We the Citizens and Ratepayers of this Metro will withhold our Rates and Taxes, and Lobby our Respective neighbour's and Ratepayers Associations to do the same on our behalf.