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Stand With the Abington District Board And Put The Teachers Back in Class -End this Strike

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This is a message to the school board to stay strong and to not give in to the teachers. For this petition's purpose, this was originally addressed to the teachers union so "you" refers to the union but not the district. We are on the district's side!

I am hopeful the district knows how much support they really have and don't take your absolutely unreasonable and outrageous proposal tomorrow just because of the "support" you are given or make it appear you have on this page. The union is protecting the lazy. You are ALL already the highest paid in lackawanna county and have top of the line benefits for free! Why don't you appreciate what you have. If you want a raise, there comes a cost. Don't make your community pay for your benefits because your union gives you that ability. In my world, I actually work for what I earn. Not a penny more, but an acceptable amount less. I give more than I take - something Abington has once taught me but maybe you's would prefer to teach hypocrisy instead? Do the right thing and look at it from a different perspective, such as from a 3rd world country who has nothing. You won't get anywhere in this world trying to take more than you give from everyone and holding your students hostage as leverage. Hopefully the colleges I intend to apply to will understand why I couldn't get my letter of recommendations or transcripts. You's should be ecstatic for the offer the district did make you. Take the 2% raise with $80 premiums. Or leave it. I'm not paying it for you though and neither is anyone else. You spend time, money, and dedication working for your degree but you don't get a free ride. The rest of us also spent time, money, and dedication to get where we are now and we're not about to waste it on people that don't want to work or actually earn things. Realize the community you live in and how good you have it and let's get on with our lives so we can deal with more important issues and so we can actually graduate on time. Unions were originally created to protect workers from the unfair, and unsafe working conditions. But this is the 21st century where not only do we have our unalienable rights protected by the constitution, but our basic working laws and competition that protect us. So at any point beyond that such as a union, it only enables the greedier to become greedier and the poorer to become poorer. So let's get back to class. We all come home everyday emotionally and physically tired but you don't see other people going on strike because we are emotionally and physically tired.. teachers did say they expect free benefits and a raise for a career that you knew the expectations to. You don't take the trash out and expect a medal... you take the trash out because you have a responsibility called life. And you can't uproot everyone else's lives because you're not happy with your personally expected rewards. If you want more money, benefits, etc., go back and find another job. Be a doctor. But don't be unhappy with a job YOU took and expect more from it doing the same amount of work from when you started. You take your own costs and want everyone else to pay for it? How is that fair? You admit yourself that everyone else also faces these life challenges. But we don't disrupt everyone else's lives and force them to pay for our loss. You guys are outrageous and living in your own little worlds if you think all your problems should be taken care of just because you can strike.  I'm not speaking out of my own experiences like the teachers are. I for one try to look at things from a general and unbiased point of view and what's in the best interest for everyone. I look at the solutions that is lesser of the two evils.

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