No Bailouts = No increased taxes/inflation

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The stimulus bill will bail out large corporations including billion dollar industries like the airlines. These companies didn’t have the cash flow to keep their companies afloat for two weeks or even one month, please ask yourself why? These companies make bad financial decisions and/or were greedy and paid executives high bonuses and compensation. A financially responsible adult is expected to have at least six months worth of expenses saved up for a financial crisis. These companies did not even have one months of savings? Why should the taxpayers be responsible for their mistakes? This money will be indebted to our children who will be paying taxes on this when they’ve grown. The government cannot place enough strict contingencies on where the money goes when the large corporations receive it. Please vote no on bail outs for large corporations including the airlines. Oil prices are low they can bounce back pretty easily when this is all over. Plus, not bailing them out will keep product/service prices low to gain customers. So, win-win for tax payers. The executives of these companies poorly managed the money, look at operational costs and profits. Where did their money go? It went right back into their pockets like this stimulus bill will do. I vote no on bail outs, no on increase taxes, no on taxation without representation for us or our children, and no on inflation. Use your voice it matters, first amendment this is our right. Speak up!