Salaried class pays country's tax while the corrupt and unethical prosper. Let's stop this

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Everything a salaried person spends on is with ‘after-tax’ money. In effect, 20% of all our money is confiscated and our wage is actually lesser than what it says. 

If we buy something at, say, Rs1,000 it has actually cost us Rs1,250 of our income or gross salary. We go to a restaurant for a meal. Our bill, say, comes to Rs500 for the food. And we will pay another Rs60 to the government and Rs40 as tips. We have paid Rs600. From our gross salary, we have paid Rs750 for food worth Rs500!

On the other hand, a businessman passes off all his personal expenses (car, driver, AC, rent, utilities, servant, entertainment, birthday bashes and family weddings) as ‘business’ expenses, which are tax deductible. Therefore, the government sacrifices 30% tax on everything he spends. What he gets as a salary or commission or dividend, it goes largely to his ‘savings and investment’ pool of money.

The salaried have to buy a car from the ‘after tax’ money, which means you end up paying effectively 25% extra from your gross salary. Thus, in effect, the businessman is nearly twice as well off you are, with the same level of earning, assuming the same level of earning.

Personal income tax is unjust. A very few percentage of the population actually pay it.

The salaried class people are hired by the Government to work whole life to pay more and more taxes so that corrupt government minister and officials can enjoy on our taxes.

Actually a majority of Indians don't pay taxes.

It is required by citizens of India to unite together and stop paying taxes until government does something to ensure that:

We get our due wage and don't end up paying double taxes like we do currently (before salary and after salary while spending)

Our hard earned money is used to give us social security and free health services rather than filling up pockets of bureaucracy

Businessmen and other people who earn 10 crore and show earnings as 5 lacs should be made to pay their actual due tax

Our paid taxes are not spent on luxury and entertainment for politicians and non tax payers



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