Fight against government for rights !

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People should oppose against government if they are nt performing well.

As my line is related to taxes & structure i’ll like to share something over to it

As of now government has declared that people should file the income-tax returns before july-31st & somehow they have extended it to Aug-31 bt the fact is that for the corporate peoples its july 31st only !

The thing is it not pratically possible to file returns by july-31st every year. & the resasons are 

TDS returns last date is 31st may & the working of it generation & rectification takes around 15-20 days so lets consider it to around june-20.

So its finds quite impossible to file all the returns by july-31st 

As it include all that is salary & non-audited returns ! As for corporate it takes time to set records with GST returns also !

This is not enough atlast one biggest & everlasting problem is site problem ! 

As the government is taking high penalties from the people for due dates !

So people need to wake up & oppose or fight against the government for their rights !

Thanks !!