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"The 2017 federal appropriations for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting were $445 million. PBS gets about $300 million of that. The new conservative administration and congressional majority coming in have a responsibility to the conservative base not to continue to fund a “public broadcaster” that leaves half the nation feeling ignored."

NPR will survive without government funding. It has a good membership model. It also offers a good product, as does PBS.

NPR's On Point has gone as far as suggesting the people in the Intelligence Community is now involved in a "SILENT COUP." With the purpose to have the Intelligence Community pick up on this coded message to start sabotaging our President and our Nation.

NPR controlled news stays President Trump is suffering from various mental issues, invoking testimony letters from psychiatrist and others.

NPR has placed itself at the service of George Soros, a known globalist who stands to gain financially from the defiling of businesses, homes and governments. $1.8 million donated from the Open Society Foundation, funded by left-leaning billionaire financier-philanthropist and traitor, George Soros, and it ensures the implementation of his personal agenda.

NPR compromised its stations and affiliates by becoming a tool for deceiving its radio listeners to influence and divide public opinion, throughout the United States and world by taking money from George Soros (while taking millions in federal funding).

NPR is a platform for George Soros, and others, for the control and direction of the extreme campaigning against President Trump, against our country and against the will of the People through a nonstop bombarding of the airwaves with Anti-Trump propaganda.

We must deny taxpayer money to those who will use it for the implementation of any policy spreading the corruption and betrayal of journalism and the corruption and betrayal of freedom so commonly seen on other national news networks that constantly lie to the people.

Sign this Petition for Defunding National Public Radio.

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