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Tax Disposable Items in Starbucks Oman

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As coffee, tea, and many other ingredients used at Starbucks come from the environment, the earth is Starbucks' most valued partner. Therefore, Starbucks should slowly decrease its usage of disposable items. Although Starbucks has been advocating to recycle their cups, it is really out od their control when it comes to what the customers do with their cups. In Oman, we have poor recycling facilities. Therefore, we do not have the choice to recycle. But, do we need to recycle? Why don't they just limit disposable packaging? We believe it is doable as previous generations have done so.

Starbucks has begun to do so but let's reinforce the rules. As they are a global food chain, they have been set as an example and have more than enough influence to create the ripple effect. Reusable cups are also an important component their overall waste reduction strategy. Since 1985 they rewarded our customers with a discount when they bring in personal tumblers. In 2013 they launched a $2 reusable cup in the U.S. and Canada, and a £1cup in the United Kingdom. Starbucks has used 2.5 billion cups and has been creating an enormous environmental impact. It is also up to the people to stand for their environment to be healthy for future generations.

It is time for a change, one step at a time. Starbucks should start off by lowering the costs when someone uses their cup. From then on, they should slowly decrease their supply of cups and straws. Then finally they should stop offering disposable cups or straws anymore and should have people bring their mugs or buy one from there. That way Starbucks spends less money and gains more while receiving good press for their sustainable impact. It's a win-win!

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