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Bring back power hour !

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Okay so last school year we had this thing called power hour. Some schools may call it other things but for tavares, it was power hour. Now this year they made everything different and I want to change that. 

What is power hour ? Power hour is a hour long lunch. The whole school could sit or eat anywhere they wanted. After the class everyone goes to lunch for an entire hour. Now, the main point was for students who were struggling were to go to the class the needed help with for one half of PH. If you weren't struggling with anything you got to hang out with friends. Some kids didn't take any use of the opportunity to get the help they needed, so they took away PH. 

What Is My Goal?  My goal is to get power hour back. And I think I have a pretty good idea to any teachers reading. If there is a student or students struggling in your class you just give them a mandatory power hour. instead of taking it away from everybody, only take it from the ones who need help. 

Another Reason Why? I personally am not a good sociable person. I'm very shy and I have a very hard time making friends. I have friends for the first time and they are ALL in lunch B. while I however have lunch A and have no friends at all. I literally sit by myself looking like a dummy with no friends. Do you know how embarrassing that is ? No of course not because you teachers and administraters have royalty and the power over everything and everyone. You guys don't have to go through what us students do. You don't what it's like to be in high school any more. yeah you're gonna say " I been to high school how do you think I'm here " it's not the same  !! you are all changing everything. 

so PLEASE just give us back power hour that's all us students ask for. 

sincerely,  students at Tavares High School. 


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