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Uniform and uniform rules need to change at Tauranga girls college

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Tauranga girls' college has the motto "empowering tomorrows women" but how can you empower tomorrows women if you're making them dress like yesterday's?  

The uniform and uniform rules at tauranga girls' college are average for a girls school. The uniform is a shirt and a skirt plus some additional seasonal items such as tights or jumpers. There is no option of wearing shorts or pants. Gloves and hats are also no part of the uniform.

The uniform rules can be fairly easily summed up: no jackets or jumpers that are not part of the uniform, no hats or gloves, no piercings except for a maximum of two ear piercings, no colored hair and no accessories such as bracelets, rings and necklaces. Going against these rules will result in being pulled out of class and having your 'against the rules' item confiscated, even if the item is a keeping you warm and dry. Unless the problem is colored hair, then you are suspended until your hair is back to normal. It's also worth adding that you have to pay to get confiscated items back.

In 2017, there should not be an issue of students not being given the choice to wear shorts or pants. The same goes for colored hair, piercings, accessories, gloves and hats.

The solution to this is simple, change the rules to let students wear pants and shorts, wear hats and gloves to keep warm in winter and to give the students the right to express themselves through hair, piercings and accessories.

Change these rules to change the future of uniform at Tauranga girls' college.

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