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Stop The $65+Million Tauranga Civic Heart Public Money Pit!

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I am started this petition to try and make the Tauranga city council, mayor and councilors take a step back and consider the other options available to them and listen to the people of the city for once

Currently they debating whether or not to spend over $65 million on some kind of CBD council super building, not to Mention $6.8million on the civic square and Masonic Park, a new baycourt (why) and $500,000 on "feasibility studies"? who are they employing and why so much?

why are they not considering the fourth option of moving the main offices out of town There is no reason to have all the staff in the CBD, out of town where there would be ample free parking for the staff and most likely a building already existing that could be used. all that is required in the CBD is a small customer services center and the library.

That money would be far better spent sorting problems that will benefit the people of the city one of which is fixing 15th avenue and other bottle necks on the roads.

And how is this all to be funded, yip you guessed it, by us, the ratepayers, the rates just keep going up up up. don't know about you guys but my pay does not do the same year on year

I am just sick and tired of reading news of friviolous council money wastage

It is time to make our voices heard

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