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Ask Tauranga City Council to follow their own rules ....

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Kia ora

Two Mondays ago I found a large piece of white paper in our flowerbed - turned out to be Service Plans for subdivision of the section next to us. So what? Well, we are part of the community on a narrow (one car at a time) ROW which, by Tauranga City Council's own regulations, can only have 4 independent dwellings off it. Council have now permitted for 6 dwellings. And .... without any consultation with us.

Next thing - diggers were in the ROW blocking it off completely - still no-one talked to us about it. We couldn't get out of the ROW and couriers, the gas delivery man, the chimney cleaner, friends and people coming for lessons (I teach adult literacy) had to park on the street and walk up the ROW.

Our ROW opens onto part of a busy road already known for accidents and speeding.With no room to pass on the ROW, someone turning in and meeting someone coming down has to reverse out into the face of oncoming traffic. This already happens regularly, with lots more cars using it from the new dwellings,it will be even more dangerous.

Many of our community have contacted the Council, Mayor Greg Brownless and Gary Poole - the CEO, they will reply 'in due course'. Why is the Council breaking its own rules without consultaton with all affected parties and why are they continuing allowing the ROW to be blocked by construction vehicles? With Tauranga traffic already so congested, why are they knowingly making it worse?

A court injunction to stop work while this is resolved will cost a minimum of $40 000. We can't afford that. Please, readers, sign this petition to ask that Council be responsible, transparent, follow their own rules and serve the community who are paying their salaries. The safety of our community, all of us, depends on it.





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