Reverse the Suspension of Coach Huerta

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During my 4 years of high school at Tattnall County, I was never properly taught about the many social injustices Black people face. This was until I was put in a class that was taught by Coach Huerta. Mr. Huerta was never one to breeze through the African American history chapters when we would get to them. Instead, I can vividly remember sitting in his class while he pulled out diagrams and examples of what it was like to be African American during that time period. He never held back, and for that, I am thankful. 

He doesn’t deserve to be suspended from coaching basketball simply because he voiced his opinion. America is all about freedom of speech, through and through, and Mr. Huerta feels especially strongly about this as a former Marine. He is an educator, and yet, he is being punished for educating. Suspending him from coaching not only hurts him, but it also hurts the basketball team as a whole. 

We all have a voice when it comes to this. I urge that you sign this petition.